Classic Loaf

Classic Loaf


The ‘Classic’ Loaf is our original pride and joy. Our Artisan-Bread-lookalike tastes like heaven, boasts a low carbohydrate content and packs as much protein as three eggs per slice. Perfect for toasting, smothering in butter, covering in cheese or soaking up your favourite soup. 


Our loaves are not sliced to help maintain maximum freshness. 

'The Classic' loaf boasts lower carbohydrate content, higher fibre and higher protein than 'normal' bread. 


Ingredients: Water, vital wheat gluten (27%), flaxseed meal (12%), free-range chicken egg, oat fibre, grass-fed butter (milk), whey protein (milk), honey (3%), erythritol, yeast, salt, xanthan gum.


For allergens see ingredients in bold. Not suitable for nut and seed allergy sufferers due to manufacturing methods used. Contains flaxseed and may contain traces of sesame seed and pumpkin seed. Made in an environment that does not handle nuts. Not guaranteed free of nut trace. Contains sweetener – erythritol. Suitable for vegetarians.


Typical values per 100g: 

Energy: 1161KJ (278 Kcal); Protein: 29.9g; Available Carbohydrate: 7g; Total Sugars: 1.9g; Fibre: 10.3g; Fat: 12.2g; Of which Saturates: 4.10g; Sodium: 0.6g.


Full nutritional labelling will be provided with each loaf.