The Fat

One 60g slice of FreeDough contains 7.4g of fat. To many of you, this may sound like a lot, but the type of fat consumed is what really matters. 


We aim to please and want to provide our customers with high-quality foods. The fats in our loaves are not from processed seed oils, which have been shown to be inflammatory. Most of the fat found in our bread comes from butter, free-range eggs and in the form of omega-3-fatty-acids found in flaxseed - essential ingredients for good health.


Omega-3s have been shown to help fight low mood, improve eye health, improve risk factors for heart disease, fight inflammation and may even improve sleep. The higher fat content is perfect for those on a low carb high fat diet too. 

Gourmet Burgers


166Kcal per slice

Learn about the calories inside the crumbs.

Eggs on Table


18g per slice

Learn about the protein inside the crumbs.

spiral noodles


4.2g per slice

Learn about the carbohydrates inside the crumbs.

Image by Mona Mok


6.2g per slice

Learn about the fibre inside the crumbs.