The Classic Collection

We are proud of our Classic Collection, not only because it tastes so good but because of the nutritional value found in every slice and every bun.  At first glance, our loaves may look like any other artisan bread but it's the science behind each slice that makes us so different. 


Here at FreeDough, we not only want to feed you bread, but also the correct information around food. 

To find out what a typical 60g slice of our Classic Loaf contains, please read the section below.

Per 60g slice 698KJ (166 Kcal) 18g 4.2g

 Breaking down the crumbs 

Two Delicious Hamburgers


166Kcals per slice

Learn about the calories inside the crumbs.

Eggs on Table


18g per slice

Learn about the protein inside the crumbs.

spiral noodles


4.2g per slice

Learn about the carbohydrates inside the crumbs.

Image by Mona Mok


6.2g per slice

Learn about the fibre inside the crumbs.

Image by Waldemar Brandt


7.4g per slice

Learn about the fats inside the crumbs.