The Calories

You may be shocked at first glance at the calories of one of our slices. At 166Kcal, it contains slightly more Kcal than ordinary white bread. You may think, ‘how dare they promote their bread as the healthier option with more calories?’, and we wouldn’t blame you. But hear us out.


The first thing to unlearn is all calories from whichever macronutrient are the same. In terms of energy, one dietary calorie contains 4,184 Joules of energy, and in that sense, a calorie is a calorie. However, different food groups go through different biochemical pathways in the body once consumed. Different foods also affect the body in different ways releasing unique hormones and lighting up different areas of the brain.


The foods you eat directly impact what additional food you’ll eat later. For example, fructose, the sugar found primarily in fruit, has shown to be less filling than glucose, even though fructose and glucose provide the same number of calories.


Here’s one thing you don’t hear many other bakeries talking about - thermic effect. The thermic effect of food is a measure of how much certain macronutrients increase energy output of the body due to the energy needed to digest, absorb and use up the nutrients. A high thermic effect percentage means that the food is less efficient as a fuel and is instead being converted as heat. The thermic effect of protein is 25%, while fat has a thermic effect of 2% and carbohydrates 7%. This means calorie for calorie, the body uses more energy actually digesting protein than it does carbohydrates. 


Sticking with protein, this macronutrient also reduces appetite, making you eat fewer overall calories. It has been shown that replacing carbohydrate with protein can improve weight loss and increase the proportion of people achieving clinically relevant weight loss.


I hope we have convinced you that not all calories are the same. A large chunk of the calories from our bread are actually non-digestible fibre. Our bread is high in protein too, which can aid weight loss.

Eggs on Table


18g per slice

Learn about the protein inside the crumbs.

spiral noodles


4.2g per slice

Learn about the carbohydrates inside the crumbs.

Image by Mona Mok


6.2g per slice

Learn about the fibre inside the crumbs.

Image by Waldemar Brandt


7.4g per slice

Learn about the fats inside the crumbs.