Meet the Founders

With a background in marketing and a love of all things health, fitness and food-related, Sian simply couldn’t resist jumping in headfirst when Dr Kohilathas pitched the idea of a low-carb, high protein bread company in early 2020.

Now taking care of most of the day-to-day running of the business, she puts everything into ensuring that every single loaf and bun that leaves the FreeDough Kitchen is packed to the brim with quality nutrients and wholesome flavour.

And the best part for her? Bringing unique products to the market that not only taste great but also help improve the health of FreeDough's customers!

     Dr Kohilathas     

Dr Eashwarran Kohilathas (Eash for short!) is an NHS medical doctor who enjoys understanding and preventing metabolic diseases.


Whilst working, he encountered many of his patients who were struggling to lose weight and improve their health with standard medical advice. After a deep delve into root causes, he understood that obesity was primarily driven through the consumption of ultra-processed food packed full of refined carbohydrates.


Keen on prevention, nutritional science and lifestyle medicine, he understood the only way to help the wider population was to provide them with highly nutritious, healthy alternatives. And why not start with bread? Everyone’s kryptonite.


Together we make the perfect team with a rich knowledge of science, health and nutrition. 

This knowledge and a passion for bringing high quality, nutritious products to the market has enabled us to bring you FreeDough.

We believe that good food fuels the body and that good health is the ultimate freedom.


We absolutely love what we do and we are so grateful that we can share it with you.